2023 2nd International Conference on New Energy, Energy Storage and Power Engineering (NESP 2023)
Prof. Wei Li

Prof. Wei Li


Prof. Wei Li

ASME Fellow, Zhejiang University,China

Brief biography:

Dr. Wei Li graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a bachelor degree in refrigeration technology. He served as an engineer in Gree Electric for five and a half years for the development of compressors and heat exchangers. He obtained his MS and PhD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Pennsylvania State University. 


Dr. Wei Li has published over 300 peer reviewed papers on studies of thermal systems including170 international journal papers as the corresponding author. His research experience include experimental, numerical and theoretical studies on a wide variety of fundamental and applied topics: two phase heat transfer, falling film evaporation, fouling, chemical reaction flow, compact heat exchangers, air conditioning, chemico-physical characteristics of heat-transfer surfaces, and so on. His three correlations on heat transfer coefficient, CHF, and friction factor related to the application were adopted in Chapter 5, Two-Phase flow of "2012-2017ASHRAE Handbook -Fundamentals".  Other research findings related to the application were adopted in "2013 Britain Aspen Tech HTFS" annual report,  "2013Advances in Heat Transfer, Vol. 43", and 2017 Text Book "Two-Phase Flow, Boiling and Condensation in Conventional and Miniature Systems"published by the University of Cambridge Press. He served as associate editorsfor Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer (2007-2016), ASME Journal of Thermal Sciences and Engineering Applications (2006-2019), ASME Journal of SolarEnergy Engineering (2019-2020), ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging (present),and ASME Open J. Engineering (present).