2022 International Conference on New Energy, Energy Storage and Power Engineering (NESP 2022)




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July 15,2022 July 17,2022


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About NESP 2022

Large scale Renewable energy development is considered as an effective solution to reach carbon neutrality. Energy storage technology was considered a method of improving power quality, reliability, in addition to yielding other benefits. The traditional energy system (mainly coal power plant) will be transferred to a new structure, of which the renewable energy with energy storage will play a main role in the future energy system. Thus, energy storage is an essential technology to support such an energy revolution. It can facilitate Future Carbon-Neutral Energy Systems.

2022 International Conference on New Energy, Energy Storage and Power Engineering (NESP 2022) will be held on July 15-17, 2022 in Kunming, China. NESP 2022 is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of New Energy Science, Energy Storage and Power Engineering to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in New Energy Science, Energy Storage and Power Engineering and another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in New Energy Science, Energy Storage and Power Engineering and related areas. 

We warmly welcome previous and prospective authors to submit your new research papers to NESP 2022, and share the valuable experiences with the scientists and scholars around the world.

Conference Date: July 15-17, 2022

Conference Venue: Kunming, China

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2022

Index: EI, Scopus

Call For Paper

NESP 2022 welcomes author submission of papers concerning any branch of the New Energy Science, Energy Storage and Power Engineering and their applications in electrochemical, and other subjects. The subjects include New Energy Science and EngineeringEnergy Storage, Power Engineering, Energy Internet, Distributed generationInductive energy storageElectrical and energy circuits and systems, and their applications.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

·Energy Storage·Power Engineering

Electrochemical energy storage device

Thermal energy storage

Mechanical energy storage

Wind energy storage

Hydrogen storage

Inductive energy storage

Pumped storage power generation

Capacitor storage system

Energy storage material

New Solar cell

Fuel cell

Capacitors, supercapacitors

Lithium battery

Lithium ion battery

Sodium-ion battery

Lithium sulfur batteries

Power system

Smart grid

Power electronics

Distributed generation

Power transmission

Electrical component network

Power transmission and distribution system and equipment

Energy Internet


Tidal, wave, ocean, river and hydroelectric systems

Power systems and automation

Power quality protection and electromagnetic compatibility

Other relevant topics and applications...

Excellent papers will be recommended directly to the SCI journal Energy & Environmental Materials (EEM).ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL MATERIALS

*Submission with notes of conference acronyms will enjoy priority in review and acceptance.

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: April 30, 2022

Registration Deadline: July 10, 2022

Final Submission Deadline: July 11, 2022

Conference Date: July 15-17, 2022

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