2024 3rd International Conference on New Energy, Energy Storage and Power Engineering (NESP 2024)

NESP 2024

The 3rd International Conference on New Energy, Energy Storage and Power Engineering (NESP 2024) has been scheduled to take place in Zhengzhou, China from April 26-27, 2024.The conferenceis hosted by Henan University, organized by College of Energy Science and Technology, Henan University, and New Energy Laboratory of Longzihu, Henan Province. The "3rd International Academic Conference on New Energy, Energy Storage and Power Engineering" co-organized by University of Malaya and AEIC Academic Exchange Center was held in Zhengzhou Campus of Henan University, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. With the theme of "New energy, energy storage and Power Engineering", the conference conducted academic exchanges around "the important driving role of new energy, energy storage and power engineering in a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.(426日-27日,河南大学主办;河南大学能源科学与技术学院河南省龙子湖新能源实验室承办;马来西亚马来亚大学AEIC学术交流中心协办的“第三届新能源、储能与电力工程国际学术会议”在河南省郑州市河南大学郑州校区举行。会议以“新能源储能、电力工程为主题,围绕“新能源、储能与电力工程对新一轮科技革命和产业变革的重要驱动作用”,展开了学术交流


Prof. Yong Liu, School of Energy Science and Technology, Henan University, presided over the opening ceremony, and Prof. Qian Li, Dean of School of Energy Science and Technology, Henan University, was invited to deliver the opening speech. (河南大学能源科学与技术学院刘勇教授主持开幕式河南大学能源科学与技术学院院长李谦教授受邀致开幕辞。)


The conference invited Prof. Fushuan Wen from Zhejiang University, the academic dean of the School of Electric Power of Inner Mongolia University of Technology, the executive vice dean of the Intelligent Energy Storage Research Institute -- Prof. ShunliWang , the vice dean of the School of Energy of Harbin Institute of Technology, Prof.Hong Qi, the talented professor of Tianjin University, the National excellent Qing -- Prof. Haifeng Liu, the dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Henan Agricultural University, Prof. Jianjun Hu, Energy and Power Profe.Yanpin Li, Dean of the School of Engineering, Professor Hazlie Mokhlis from the University of Malaya Malaysia, and Prof. Zhuanpei Wang from the School of Energy Science and Technology of Henan University shared wonderful theme reports. The conference attracted more than 200 people from universities at home and abroad and representatives of local experts to attend the conference.(本次大会邀请来自浙江大学的文福拴教授内蒙古工业大学电力学院学术院长、智慧储能研究院常务副院长--王顺利教授哈尔滨工业大学能源学院副院长齐宏教授、天津大学英才教授、国家优青--刘海峰教授河南农业大学机电工程学院院长胡建军教授、能源与动力工程学院院长的李延频教授、马来亚大学马来西亚的Hazlie Mokhlis教授、河南大学能源科学与技术学院的王转培教授做了精彩的主题报告分享,大会吸引了来自海内外高校学者、地方专家代表等200余人参会。)




Conference highlights


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During the conference, experts and scholars engaged in lively discussions, actively sharing and discussing the latest research findings in the field, creating a new academic ecosystem of 'open communication and shared achievements.' As they shared cutting-edge research outcomes and technological trends, the experts and scholars not only established broader collaborative relationships but also laid a solid foundation for future interdisciplinary exchanges and cooperation.